Mouth Factory

The focus of my project is to reveal the potentials of mankind by enhancing the abilities people have already and using them in new ways. What if we could express ourselves in ways other than speaking, writing or body language? I attempt to seek out some natural acts of the human, mainly focusing on mouth actions, and transform them to become substitutes of movements we use in contemporary industrial production such as vacuum forming, rotational moulding, stamping and extrusion. Making machines based on the human body and exploiting them as new production lines formed from these various machines will enable us to produce real products, whilst also creating new output methods for the human body.


The mouth is one of the most supple parts of the human body. In addition to chewing and speaking, the mouth has many other actions to fulfill different tasks: woodpeckers use their beaks to punch holes, birds use their beaks to build nests and children use their tongues to lick and form ice cream. ‘Mouth Factory’ takes advantage of those mouth and head movements, and transforms them into; a teeth lathe; a blowing rotational molding machine; a chewing drill; an inhalation vacuum forming machine and a mouth saw. By attaching these devices to the mouth, the abilities of our mouths will be enhanced and create real value at the same time.


Cheng Guo
MA Design Products
Royal College of Art






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